Hello, everybody!
In this section of the institutional blog, created to commemorate the first anniversary of our school in Jaén, students of English can send their posts in order to make friends with students abroad enrolled in other schools of our Institution. This may allow them to share pics, let them know about our school and its academic activities, our city and its social events, as well as its monuments, etc.

Looking forward to making this inititiative come true.
Please,  have a look at this article:

e-Twinning with José Arnauda School, Alcoy (Alicante)

After contacting a fellow school in Alcoy (Alicante), also belonging to the Theresian Institution, we are starting to share information about our school by uploading in our blog different powerpoint presentations made by 4th year ESO students. In this way, we will let both students and academic staff at the school in Alcoy to get to know us. This inititiative has aroused much interest and excitement among our students, who are looking forward to receiving news, texts, and pictures from our partner school. In fact, various projects are well under way in order to write the script and take pictures for the elaboration of different powerpoint presentations.

The presentation below was made by Fátima Bayona, Irene Cañas, Andrea Lara, María Lázaro, Esther León, and Ana Muñoz (4th ESO A)

This one is by Beatriz Aranda, Blanca Fernández, Inés Hontoria, and Ana Montoro (4th ESO A)


Ana MPM said...

Another wonderful idea for the centenary. Blogging in English and being in contact with others. Let them know we are celebrating!!!

José Luis Lomas said...

I like the video. Ccongratulations!

Maxi Tomé said...

Nice work.

Ana Mari Quirós said...

Congratulations, it is an excellent idea. I encourage you to continue giving the best of yourself.

Magdalena Arroyo said...

I like it very much.

Clara Colmenero said...

I liked it! I think it's very original. It seems like our school were bigger!

Anonymous said...

I`m Salva

I like the videos, both are perfect to show the school! >:D

Anonymous said...

Congratulations to my friends. The songs are incredible!

I am Luisma

Anonymous said...

I'm Jesús
I think these videos are amazing!!
Congratulation for the work!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for your good job¡ I like so much.You are the best.

Anonymous said...

I am Arturo
I enjoyed watching both videos.
They are excellent.

Anonymous said...

Dear friends,
Those videos are very beautiful and interesting.
The music is amazing.
Antonio José Gomez-Caminero Cañabate
I love you forever