Saturday, 20 February 2010

London For Ever

Check out this SlideShare Presentation:


Jose Manuel Cobo said...

Hellow Angela
How are you?
I´m Jose Manuel Cobo 1º B
I like the blog and the photographs of London are precious
continue learning every day greetings
bye bye

Anonymous said...

Teacher :)

The photos are fantastic!

Carmen Mariscal Bermejo said...

Hello teacher, I´m Carmen Mariscal, and I like a lot your blog.
Thank you very much, bye!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher
I'm Elvira Pérez (1ºB)
Where are the photos that you made to us, last day of school?
Thank you!!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ángela.
I'm Belen (1ºB)
I look the video.It's great and it helps a lot to learn.
A one question,where do I write the coments in the page 1st year ESO?
Thank you.

Ángela Pérez Fernández said...

Hi Belén,
I´m glad you learnt things about London. It´s a beautiful place I hope you can visit with your family.
See you.

Pablo Leonés Baños said...

Hi! I´m Paul 1 ESO B I saw this pictures and they remember me London because this summer y went to London and is very beautiful :)

Ángela Pérez Fernández said...

Hello Paul!
I´m sure you enjoyed your holidays. Maybe you can show us the pictures you took!