Saturday, 1 February 2014

14 February, Happy Valentine´s Day

Why do we celebrate this day? Read the text about St. Valentine and answer the questions
Love is in the air


Anonymous said...

Hello teacher! I'm Anabel Merino.
I love Valentine's day. It's a very important and lovely day.
The song is beautiful and the message is nice.

Ángela Pérez Fernández said...

Thank Q, Anabel
We´ll celebrate this day in our English class!

Anonymous said...

Hello :)My name is Ana Carrillo de(1ºESO)Saint Valentine's day is very beautiful because your friends show you how much they love you

Paula said...

hello teacher i'm Paula Pérez 3ºA
Valentine's day is one day special for friends and couple but i don't like because you have that loves always and everyday and you celebrated every day fall in love, no one day the year...but is beautiful :)

Clara Colmenero 3ESOA said...

Hello everyone! I hope you'll enjoy this day and I hope that you
In my opinion, I think is a comercial day that shops invented to sell more. However, I think if you are in love, you don't think so much about that and you only want to make the other person happy.
See you soon <3

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher! I'm Guille, of 3 ESO A.
When I was younger, I thought Valentine's Day had no sense for singles, but now, I don't think so. There are too many people that aren't in a couple, but this day can also represent your love, complicity, friendship... Everyone has someone special who laugh with, hide secrets with, be truly himself with...
That was my oppinion. Valentine's Day isn't for couples only. Everybody has to have a special person!

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher! I'm Alba Toledano, 1st ESO B.
I very like this day because you can desmotrate to specials' friends that you love them, but I think, we should demostrate the love all the days.
It's a beautiful song and a nice day.
Good bye♡

María García Garrido said...

Hello!, theacher I love this day because,
is can also represent my feelings of friendship and love