Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent

Ash Wednesday is a Christian festival. It marks the beginning of six and a half weeks of repentance, fasting and abstinence in preparation for the most important Christian festival of Easter.

For Christians, ashes are a symbol of being sorry for things they have done wrong and want to get rid of forever.

Lent begins with Ash Wednesday and lasts for six and a half weeks.

You have suggested in class things you can do during Lent, for example, stop using your mobile phone or try not to fight with your brothers or sisters!  What else could you do? 


Clara Colmenero said...

Hello everyone!
Here Clara. This year during lent I'd like to stop using my phone because sometimes I think I am addicted! But I've got the determination to finish taking a siesta, because then, I start to study so late. If we're lucky, it'll carry out.
See you soon :)

Alba Toledano said...

Hi! I'm Alba Toledano, 1st ESO B.
I'm going to try take less sweets.
See you tomorrow!(:

Pableras Miau said...

Hi! I think I don´t take my computer and my technologies things.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm Belén(1ºB):
For Lent, I try not to fight with my cousin and only use the Nintendo weekends.

José Luis Flores said...

Hello teacher
My name is José Luis of 3 º ESO-A.
My purpose for Lent is to try not to fight with my sister.
See you!

Anonymous said...

Hi!!! I´m Luis González (1ºESO B)
For Lent I don´t eat sweets:(
See you tomorrow.

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher, I'm Anabel Merino(3ºA)
For Lent, I'd try to be nice with my brother because we are always fightning! But I love him :)

aniita carrillo said...

Hello!!I'm Ana Carrillo(1ºESO B)
For lent I don't use the computer:)

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher! My lent is to have more tidy my room.
Paula Pérez 3°A

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher! I'm Antonio Blanca de 3ºA. In the lend I'm going to do more homeworks in the weekend! By:)

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher!
For lent I'd try to help more in houseworks.
Vicente Rodríguez 3ºA

Anonymous said...

Hello,I'm Elena Camacho (2ºB)
During lent I'm not going to use the mobile phone during the week, because all the week I'm always with the mobile and it don't let me concentrate when I am doing my homework.