Tuesday, 5 November 2013

28th November, Thanksgiving Day

A Bountiful Thanksgiving Tradition

'Tucked between the two monster sized holidays of Halloween and Christmas, Thanksgiving receives far less attention. But Thanksgiving is a very important holiday, especially in the busy lives of Americans. It is a time to kick back and relax, watch a football game or go to a movie, and enjoy a huge feast. It's also time for us to give thanks to our God, for the things he has bestowed upon us and upon this great nation. There is no nation in the world that has more to be thankful for than us'.

Enjoy these thanksgiving jokes http://www.thanksgiving-day.org/thanksgiving-day-jokes.html

Thanksgiving is a time to thank God for all his blesssings. Here are some prayers for this day:


Pablo Leonés Baños said...

It´s true! And in the dinner they eat turkey.

Ángela Pérez Fernández said...

Yes Pablo! You are right!
Do you like turkey?

Anonymous said...

Hi Angela, we are Antonio and Victor 3rd ESO and we have read the information abuot this day and that celebration. We think it`s a really good idea and we think the families can have a very good time with this day.

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher we're Vicente, Raúl and Ricardo, we like the story, it's interesting and you learn a lot.
It`s curious to know the beginning of this tradition. This story is beautiful beacuse two different cultures shared food and they got
on well.

Princesa Chicle said...

Hello, we're Natalia and Clara from 3A.
In fact, we don't really like American traditions to becomes ours. One example is Halloween. However, We think it's a good idea to celebrate one day to be thankful for our things because there are a lot of people that have got nothing and we've got food, warm water, clothes, house and education.
In Spain we eat turkey once a year when it's Christmas because in Lent we cannot eat meat. We love it but we prefer chicken as well.
In conclussion, we prefer Spain.
Bye bye <3

Anonymous said...

Hello, we´re Cristina and Guillermo from 3ºESO.
We love turkey! Spanish people sometimes eat it, but we don't. It isn´t a Spanish tradition; it´s more common to eat roast meat, soup...
We think this American tradition is OK, but for us,it hasn´t got much sense. For example, for American people, Easter is strange as well.
It's another way to please to God for the things which he has done for us.
We didn't know it is in November, we thought it was in December, coinciding with Christmas; but we took the wrong.
It's a bit strange because it's too near of Christmas and the Christmas´ spirit it isn´t the same, but they also are lucky, they don't have to go to work.
This is our opinion :-)

Paula said...

Hi teacher, we are Paula Martinez and Luis Rosado, and we think thanks giving is a good opotunity for american people to give thanks:-)

Luis osado and Paula martinez borbiu said...

Hi teacher, we are Luis Rosado and Paula Martinez, and we think thanks giving is a good opotunity for american people to give thanks:-)

Anonymous said...

Hi! We are Antonio and Manuel. From our point of view Thanksgiving day is a very interesting tradition and a wonderful day to be with our family, but in Spain it isn't so common to celebrate it. What a pity!

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher, we are Pedro Ramirez and Alex Alcalde of 3ºA. We think this page interesting and now we know more about Thanksgiving. Thankyou teacher! See you on class!

Anonymous said...

Hello,we are Paula and Eugenioa from 3ºESO A.
We really like the blog and the information of the thanksgiving day.

Anonymous said...

Hello, we are Pablo and Leo to 3ºESO A. The thansgiving is a nice celebration and we like their food.

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher. This activity is very funny.

Cristina and Marta 3ºA

Anonymous said...

Hello, we are Víctor, Álvaro and José María from 3ºESO-A. We love Turkey and American's food.
We think this American tradition is good, but we prefer Christmas.