Saturday, 26 October 2013

5th November Bonfire Night

´In the UK, Bonfire Night or Guy Fawkes is celebrated on November 5th and the night skies are filled with colours...'. 

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Please, check your understanding by doing the activities suggested at the end of the entry.

Which special days do you celebrate in your country with fireworks or bonfires?
Which special days do you celebrate in your country with fireworks or bonfires? - See more at:

Which special days do you celebrate in your country with fireworks or bonfires? - See more at:
Which special days do you celebrate in your country with fireworks or bonfires? - See more at:
Which special days do you celebrate in your country with fireworks or bonfires? - See more at:


Anonymous said...

Hi, teacher! We are Irene Cañas and Andrea Lara from 4ªA.
We've read the information of Bonfire Day and we enjoy doing the activities of the text.
In our country we celebrate a lot of special days. In Christmas, we have fireworks. When it's San Lucas fair, at the last day, we have fireworks too.In carnival with the parade, there is a show with fireworks.The people of Jaen enjoy these shows a lot.
Thanks for the information of Bonfire Night.

Inés, Blanca y Bea said...

Hello teacher.
We have read the website and we checked our understanding. We had a 100% in both of them!
The special days we celebrate with bonfires and fireworks are: the fair of "San Lucas", the New Year Eve, the Three Wise Men eve, Virgen de la Capilla's day, at Easter, and more that we don't remember.
We like them because they are beautiful but the sparks scare us. Here, the children don't usually buy the bonfires because it's not very common in Jaén.
That's all :)

Anonymous said...

We celebrated Christmas with the family and in the new year we used fireworks to celebrate this party. My family owns a untryside house near Jaén. We go to his house to celebrate New Year. We always celebrate this day and we enjoy having a party. Our gradparents buy many sweets for the party and our grandmother makes a cake for lunch.
After that, all the family eats a delicious chicken, cooked by my uncle.
We love celebrating with the family every year.

By: Pablo Romero y Antonio José Gómez-Caminero Cañabate. 4º A ESO

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher.
We are Juanje and Antonio Blanca from 3º of ESO A.
In our country we celebrate San Anton's night.In this day there is a marathon, next to the marathon we do a lot of bonfires and we dance around these. A traditional food of San Anton's night is pop corn and people drink wine.
In other parts people use firework to create an excelent night.

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher, we are Anabel Merino and Guillermo Macías, of 3ºA.
We think we use fireworks in our city to celebrate San Lucas' fair end, and in New Year. In carnaval there are fireworks too.
In our country we have fireworks in Christmas and in each city there are them for the different customs celebrated there.
We have enjoyed doing this activity, because is interesting to learn about other countries' customs.

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher , we are Victor Jiménez Álvarez and Natalia Vega Navarro from 3ºESO A
In Jaén we celebrate the fair and we have Bonfire on the last day of San Lucas fair.
At Christmas we have fireworks. In carnival we have also some Bonfire. We think the Town Hall needs to do more festivals of this type because it´s funny and everybody likes them.
Thanks very much for the information of the blog , we are very happy.

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher! We are Magdalena Arroyo and Cristina Anguita from 3ºA.
In our contry we celebrate many special days, for example, in Halloween and New Year we explode firecrackers and in Carnaval or San Lucas the town hall decides to throw fireworks. Every year some people go to the Boulevard to see the fireworks. This year we have enjoyed them.

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher, we are Paula Pérez and Sofía from 3ºA.
We read the text of Bonfire Night and we think that it is interesting.
We celebrate a few special days.
One of this is San Antón, first we run a race and later there is bonfires, we burn a lot of objects.
Other special day that we celebrate is Saint John Day, we do bonfire in the beachs of Spain, we do this in the night of twenty four to twenty five.
Other is the fair of San Lucas, this festival is only in Jaén, we have a week of fair and the last day we throw fireworks.
And the last special day is New Year, we eat twelve grapes in the last day of year and later we throw fireworks.

Anonymous said...

hello, we are Paula Martínez and Clara Colmenero from 3ºESO A.
We have read the article about Bonfire Night. This traditional event is very similar to ours. Firstly, we make a Guy which is burnt in a bonfire and it is dressed with old clothes and it seems like a scarecrow. In this night we burn old things like furniture to start new year.
We eat baked potatoes, toffee apples and popcorns, too. In this day we have a ring and we sing "melenchones".
It's a very beautiful day called San Antón's day.
Thanks for your atention.