Monday, 21 October 2013

Halloween Webquest

Dear Students,

Have fun looking for information about Halloween.
Have a go and do the following Webquest!.
Just click here:


Pablo Leonés Baños said...

Angela la hacemos en la hoja y la imrpimimos o la imprimimos y la hacemos??

Ángela Pérez Fernández said...

Dear Pablo,
I think you can print the webquest and answer the questions.
Don´t forget to have a look at the jokes!
See you

Laura Bartolome said...

Hello Ángela,
I only find 1 superstition about Halloween. Is It good?

Ángela Pérez Fernández said...

OK, Laura. Don´t worry.

Anonymous said...

Hello Angela.
I´m Belén.
I did the web request in my laptop but I haven´t got any ink.
I will take my laptop tomorrow at school and I will read.

Ángela Pérez Fernández said...

Hello, Belén.
Of course, you can use your laptop!
No problem.