Saturday, 26 October 2013

It´s Halloween

On 31st October we are celebrating  Halloween. Listen, sing and enjoy this song!

Do you celebrate Halloween? If you do it, how do you celebrate it. If not, why?
Comment on your memories about this festivity.


Beatriz Aranda (4ºA ESO) said...

Hello teacher:
I've liked the video because I didn't know the name of the bones in English.

I celebrate Halloween, but not all years, just when I've got a creative disguise. For example, two years ago, I dress up as a corpse bride, and it was frightening. This year I will do a Halloween party and I'll invite my friends. I'll probably dress up like a Shadowhunter, like the main character of the film and book "City of Bones".

I celebrate Halloween because I think that we have to have a good time as many days as we can, and this is a good chance to laugh, smile, and have a good time with your friends.

Anonymous said...

Hello Ángela, I´m Blanca (4ºA)
Yes, I celebrate Halloween with my family, but we don´t celebrate the american halloween. We celebrate the "spanish halloween" In Spain, this celebration is more known as "the day of the saints" and we do the typical things that the spanish people do. So, we eat mushes and roast chestnust, we meet and have a dinner all together. But, some years I dress of something that is afraid and I go to the street to scary normal people. I feel so good when the people look at me rarely. It´s so funny!

Pablo Leonés Baños said...

Hi! Sometimes, I celebrate halloween with my friends or before I celebrated with my family. We disguised like Adams Family! I really like this because we´ve got an horrible hand and the hand says raaaaah!! and it moves. All people says when we switch on the hand oh my god! What this? It´s very scared and we laugh a lot! But my friends and me celebrate once and I like more! I like with my friends and with my family because we laugh a lot and it´s very fun and funny!! ;)

Anonymous said...

Hello i'm Paula Pérez, 3ºA.
i celebrate with my family the saints day. We meet in the night and have a dinner together. And my little cousins dress up while others prepare games and sweets. With my friends some years we dress and ask the sweets. I'm not celebrating halloween every year, but it's fun when present the day.

anaverines said...

hello I am ana montoro.I am going to celebrate halloween with a party. My friends and me will watch a horror film.Also, we will disguise as vampires.So,we will have fun.
The last year, my friends and family celebrated another party.A lot of people came to my house.Furthermore, my mother cooked a pumkie.It was delicious.We drank coke, lemmon juice some coffee...and so on.At last, I hope this time, the party will be funnier

moda cassual said...

Hello! I'm Irene Cañas(4ºA):

I celebrate halloween with my family every year. We do a party with disguises, candies and music. Last year I disguised myself like a witch, my cosin of vampire and my other cousin of zombie. It was very funny!
I have liked the video very much because didn't know the name of the bones in English and it is an original way to learning them.
What are you going to do in Halloween?
Happy Hlloween¡¡

Anonymous said...

Hi, teacher. I'm Guille Macías, from 3ºA.
The video was funny, and I've liked it.
I don't often celebrate Halloween with my family, because they don't understand why we have to celebrate it if is an English tradition, not Spanish. (Although, my mum hates monsters, like me. I'm sometimes scared of them!)
I have sometimes gone out with some friends to ask people "trick-or-treat", but I think this year, I'm not. Probably next year, I think.
And I'm not going to the cemetery, so this holiday weekend will be very very relaxing. Have a good Halloween!

anzony white said...

Hello! I'm Antonio Blanca. My family don't celebrate the Halloween's party. My family think Halloween isn't a Spanish party, but I think it is very funny. I prefer celebrate our traditional dinner of Halloween as celebrate the English Halloween.
See you soon.

Clara Colmenero said...

Hello everyone.
I hope you'll have a good time in this long weekend.
In fact,I'm not going to disguise. I think It's a traditional thing in England that Americas copy to be more popular. I prefer beeing with my family and friends and having a good time eating a lot of typical Spanish sweets<3 I love chocalate.
That's my opinion:)
Written by Clara Colmenero 3ºA

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher, I'm Paula Martínez (3ºA)
I really liked the song because it's very funny and I think the skeleton is very cute. :')
I celebrate Halloween almost every year. I love it because I think it's a good idea for children to go to the streets dressed as their favorite monsters or scary characters. I think Halloween is great, because I really like disguising. Last year I dressed up as Sally (from the movie Nightmare Before Christmas) but my mother did very fast the costume and it finally was very ugly, but i didn't care, because I liked it anyway. This year I'm not going to disguise, but I'm going to make up my face like a skeleton to go outside.
My parents say they don't like halloween, and don't understand why I like it, but I always say the same: Halloween is great if you like to scare people and people scare you.

albita said...

hi! I'm alba to 1ºESO. I dont't celebrate halloween with my family because they think halloween isn't a spanish party.
I sometimes celebrate with my friends it's very funny!I love sweets, in special the chocolate.I love chocolate. It's the best thing in the world!

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher and students.
The video is great and funny.I laughed a lot.
I don't celebrate Halloween because I don't like it. When I was child,I loved celebrate Halloween and disguise.
Now I prefer to be with my family and have a good time with them.
Bye! :)
Anabel Merino 3ºA

Anonymous said...

Hello teacher, I'm Laura Bartolomé(2º B)

I celebrate Halloween but with my friends because like Alba's family, my family think Halloween isn't a Spanish party.

This year I am going to go to a Halloween's party in mi friend's house and we are going to go to the cinema with a costume... This year is going to be so funny!

Anonymous said...

Hi teacher, I am Andrea Lara (4ªA)
I celebrate Halloween but not with my parents because they don't like this party. When I was a child I dress up because all my street dressed up of vampires.
Last year, I dressed up like a little girl with a friend and the other girls like vampires.
I think is a very funny party and we can or can't celebrate but it always make you laugh seeing the different disguises of the people.

irene martinez said...

Hi, I'm Irene (2 Eso B) I celebrate Halloween with my friends , we go to others houses and we say: trick'r treat and they give to us a lot of sweets and money, I love Halloween, si the best night in all the year:)

Javier Arjona said...

Hello I,m Javier Arjona (2º ESO B).
The song is good but we don´t now all the bones.